Your logo and brand colors are just one component of your brand identity. The other essential feature is your brand messaging. From the personality you convey to the words you share, every message you create is an extension of your brand — and determines your communications success.

By uniting your organization’s communications with a strong Brand Purpose, Brand Story and Brand Voice, your Verbal Brand Toolkit™ will give your employees the tools they need to:

• Share consistent messages with your audiences

• Synchronize their writing across content channels

• Build and promote your unique brand identity

• Create consistency in words, voice, and style usage

• Use language that communicates your value

WordCraft® is a one-of-a-kind workshop series that combines language and libations to improve your employees’ writing skills, build team morale, and celebrate local craftsmanship.

Each event pairs a writing workshop led by Zuula Clarity Experts with a craft drink and/or food tasting from our local partners. Attendees learn the stories behind the featured crafts, while improving their own writing craft.

Whether you want a half-day workshop or full offsite team-building event, we’ll work with you to design your engaging experience. We’ll help you select your featured purveyors for each session and design an event that gives employees the skills and enjoyment they need in an inspiring, tasty workshop.

Previous WordCraft sessions include:

• Own Your Verbal Brand, featuring Triple Crossing Brewery

• Uncover Your Authentic Stories, featuring Blue Bee Cider and Anna B’s,

• Your Interview Instincts, featuring Belle Isle Moonshine and Sub Rosa

• Hone Your Humor, featuring Coalition Theatre, Garden Grove Brewing, and Belmont Butchery


Team-Building Outcomes

While your employees are learning about their local, creative community in a tasty workshop, they’re also gaining valuable skills in the process. WordCraft will help your employees build:

Stronger Communication

• Improves essential writing skills

• Ignites a focus on efficiency and empathy

• Supports workplace communication goals


Deeper Relationships

• Promotes team bonding through group-based learning

• Relieves stress levels through activities that inspire laughter and learning

• Encourages cooperation over competition


Greater Self-Awareness

• Increases self-confidence by developing new skills

• Inspires an appreciation of individual strengths and weaknesses

• Breaks through writing barriers and road blocks