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Thank you for a memorable 15 years!

After 15 years in business, Zuula is closing our doors. We’ve had a wonderful run helping businesses like yours create clear, compelling content. 


When we started our company, the word “content” wasn’t even a buzzword. Now, a decade and a half later, content is a driving force behind business and brands. And we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey we took with Zuula to help organizations and people communicate effectively.


Now, it’s time for our founders to move into new horizons:

Deanna Lorianni is providing writing training and plain language services through her new company, Logophile, LLC. If you have writing training or content and communication needs, Deanna is ready to chat!

Meghan Codd Walker has joined the VMware team as Senior Manager, Branded Content.

We’re thankful for the people we’ve met, experiences we’ve had, and projects we’ve supported. You’ve made this time in our lives one we will never forget!


To the future,

Deanna & Meghan


Deanna Lorianni & Meghan Codd Walker

Co-Founders, Zuula

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